Frenquently Asked Questions

Q: My son is custody in the orange county jail, your office address is in kissimmee can you still help me ?

A: We can certainly help you, we post bonds in the following counties with no extra cost to you: Osceola, Orange, Polk and Lake Counties. we will also be able to help you in any other counties besides the mentioned ones but there will be an additional fee which is usually one hundred dollars for in state. Out of state bonds , nationwide are also available.

Q: I think I may have a warrant for my arrest but i'm not sure, what do you suggest?

A: You can call our office and we'll run your name on warrants data base and if there is a warrant we'll try to help you resolve the matter. If there is a dollar amount attached to the warrant you should make arrangements to do "A Walk-Thru". This means you will walk in with us and bond in hand to process you in and out simontaneusly, it is the best, quickest and least traumatic way to take care of a warrant. Highly recommended, in addition to showing the courts good faith on your part.

Q: We had a family emergency and my wife missed court this morning, what happens now?

A: Unfortunatly, when your wife fails to appear in court the judge will issue a bench warrant or capias. When we bonded her out of jail , if you recall, we went over paper work with you both that covered this situation. As soon as we receive a call from either defendant or indemnitor telling us of an fta ( failure to appear ) , we'll immediatly make contact with your judges assistant and work towards getting you back on track which includes getting the warrant removed, scheduling another court date and a re-instatement of your bond.

Q: What is the difference between premium and collateral monies?

A: The premium monies are the cost of the bond , either 10% of the bond amount of each charge or if the dollar amount is $1000. or less it is a $100. fee, per charge. the premium is not refundable, different from collateral monies or personal properties being held. collateral is held in guarantee of defendant attending all of his/her court apperances. when the case is closed,regardless of outcome or sentencing the bonds will be discharged and collateral accordingly returned to the person that gave said guarantee.

Q: If I call different bonds agencies can i get a better deal on rates , will the charges be different if I shop around ?

A: Bail bonds agents /agencies are state regulated and we are required by the state of florida to charge you , the consumer, according to the law and this is for your protection. we can not charge you more or less on any bond. the difference in bondsmen and agencies should only be requirements regarding collateral, credit availability, and of course quality of service provided.

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